1. Commitment to Preservation

The "Contemporary Journal of Social Science Review" (CJSSR) is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of its published content. We recognize the importance of ensuring that our research findings and scholarly contributions remain available for future generations of researchers and the broader public.

2. Archiving Methods

3. Archiving Scope

CJSSR archives all published content, including:

4. Data Archiving

CJSSR encourages authors to make their research data publicly available whenever possible. We recommend depositing data in recognized repositories with persistent identifiers and clear access policies. Authors should include details on data availability in their published articles.

5. Access Policy

CJSSR strives to make its content accessible to the widest possible audience. All articles are available online without charge. We actively support open access initiatives and encourage authors to deposit their articles in institutional repositories or other open access platforms.

6. Policy Review

CJSSR will periodically review and update its Archiving Policy to reflect best practices and technological advancements in digital preservation.