Licensing Policy

1. Introduction

The Contemporary Journal of Social Science Review (CJSSR) is committed to fostering open access and disseminating high-quality research in the field of social sciences. This Licensing Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which authors can publish their work in CJSSR and the rights they retain over their work.

2. License Options

CJSSR offers two licensing options for authors:

Authors can choose the license that best suits their needs and research goals.

3. Copyright and Ownership

Authors retain copyright of their work published in CJSSR under the chosen license. This means that authors have the right to reproduce, distribute, and translate their work, as long as they comply with the terms of the chosen license.

4. Author Rights

Authors retain the following rights over their work published in CJSSR:

5. Author Responsibilities

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their work is original and does not infringe upon the copyright of others. Authors are also responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their work.