About the Journal

Journal Name: Contemporary Journal of Social Science Review

Print ISSN3006-1458

Online ISSN3006-1466

The Contemporary Journal of Social Science Review (CJSSR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research across the broad spectrum of social sciences. This interdisciplinary journal, published by PINNACLE ACADEMIA RESEARCH & EDUCATION, provides a platform for scholars to disseminate and discuss their latest findings on a diverse range of topics.

Aims and Scope:

The CJSSR aims to:

  • Encourage and promote research in all areas of social science.
  • Foster dialogue and collaboration among scholars from different disciplines.
  • Provide a platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research findings.
  • Contribute to the development of social science scholarship in Pakistan and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Interdisciplinary: CJSSR welcomes submissions from all social science disciplines, including but not limited to anthropology, economics, education, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.
  • Peer-Reviewed: All submissions are subject to a rigorous peer-review process by a panel of experts in the relevant field.
  • Open Access: CJSSR is committed to making its content freely available online to all readers, ensuring that research findings are accessible to a wider audience.
  • Rapid Publication: CJSSR offers a rapid publication process, with an average turnaround time of [X months] from submission to publication.

Impact and Recognition:

  • The journal has a growing international readership and is attracting submissions from scholars around the world.
  • CJSSR is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical publishing practices.

For Authors:

CJSSR invites submissions of original research articles, review articles, book reviews, and other types of scholarly contributions. Please visit the journal website for more information on submission guidelines and author resources.

For Readers:

CJSSR provides a valuable resource for scholars, students, and other interested individuals seeking to stay up-to-date on the latest research in the social sciences. You can access the latest articles and archived issues of the journal online.